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Imiplex is partnered with, and occupies laboratories co-located with, LifeSensors Inc, in Malvern, Pennsylvania. LifeSensors is a privately held biotechnology company that offers a wide range of protein reagents and kits that allow utilization of it’s proprietary SUMO expression system. LifeSensors has outstanding capabilities and resources for the production and characterization of engineered proteins, and is Imiplex’s protein production partner for its engineered TriPol protein components. Imiplex’s partnership with LifeSensors allows Imiplex personnel to focus on the design, biophysics, and performance characterization Imiplex’s engineered nanostructures.

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Imiplex is the recipient of a BioAdvance Pilot Grant for proof of concept technology development. BioAdvance is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA and was established to provide early-stage capital for companies located in the mid-Atlantic region that are developing technologies to improve human health.

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Imiplex is a member of PA Bio, the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Industry Organization. PA Bio represents the interests of entire life sciences industry – medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, investment organizations, research institutions, and myriad service industries that support the life sciences in Pennsylvania.
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