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TriPol Platform
The TriPol Platform comprises an extensive set of molecular building blocks generated through protein engineering of a naturally occurring trimeric protein with C3 symmetry. TriPol nodes can be engineered to incorporate chemical attachment sites that allow nodes to be interconnected to form extended nanostructure. Initial embodiments of TriPol technology use nodes that incorporate biotinylation sites that allow the formation of extended nanostructures where nodes are interlinked with strptavidin. Individual TriPol nodes can also be engineered to incorporate an extraordinary variety of functional protein domains to generate nanostructures with unique surface and molecular binding and/or catalytic properties.
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The TriPol Platform comprises a diverse series of engineered components that are all based on a trimeric protein with C3 symmerty. Imiplex has developed a modular gene assemble system that allows the rapid diversification of TriPol variants.
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TriPol binders allowing precision immobilization of engineered binding binding domains to nanoparticle or biosensor surfaces are engineered to incorporate fused binding domains and immobilization sequences.

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TriPol modifications can include the introduction of surface immobilization sequences or biotinylation sites to from nodes that allow the formation of streptavidin-linked nanostructures.
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TriPol nodes can be engineered as single chain constructs, allowing precise control over node valency and geometrical arrangement of binding components in assembled nanostructures.
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TriPol constructs can be designed to assemble into a wide variety of nanostructure assemblies using the tetramer streptavidin to interconnect biotin-functionalized TriPol nodes.

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